Driving efficiency and energy cost savings continuously, by monitoring building equipment to identify equipment faults, and energy conservation measures. Gallery and more information below.

We leverage existing technology and data to provide real-time information along with actionable, measurable opportunities for improvement; because “you can’t manage what you can’t see”. We are confident that Utilities Watch will deliver real and measured results that improve building performance by 10-25%.

At the highest level, our software delivers analysis of your building and presents the highest priority information from various systems in a simple user interface. It simplifies the management of your building, identifies opportunities for better coordination of systems, saves time for the facilities team and proactively directs users to problems.

In addition, Utilities Watch identifies specific ECMs (Energy Conservation Opportunities/Measures) and Load Management strategies that decrease energy use and cost. By analysing comprehensive building data, we automatically identify ECMs at both a system level and within individual assets. The software focuses on “low/no-cost” recommendations with fast payback periods. Our technology in conjunction with the expertise of our Energy Analysts gives you unparalleled insight into your portfolio, buildings, systems and assets.

Utilities Watch identifies, notifies and addresses:

  • Equipment deficiencies
  • System-level coordination issues: for example, the AHU’s and chilled water plant coordination
  • Opportunities to reduce demand while maintaining tenant comfort and lease requirements
  • Maintenance needs based on degraded equipment performance
  • Overall system performance review each month with facilities team 

Software and technology alone, is not the answer to improved building management. Our Energy Analyst works with you to identify, track and monitor implementation of ECMs within the Utilities Watch portal. This combination of technology and expertise delivers deeper savings and ensures persistence of those gains. Our software and analysts work to prioritize the largest savings opportunities so you can focus on measures with the greatest impact.

Utilities Watch delivers a web-based portal that requires no software installation at your site – simply open your web browser. Access to the system is password controlled so users only see information pertinent to their role; a building manager only sees his building, while a corporate energy manager sees her entire portfolio. Utilities Watch scales nicely from a single site to thousands of sites across the globe. Automated analysis, reporting and adjustments enable one person to manage hundreds of buildings. 

Demonstration video coming soon...